Conditions of Use

How do I place an order?

We accept orders via our online order form, fax, and over the counter in our store; we do not accept phone orders. We require your name, address, contact number, what you require to order, and payment option to proceed with any orders we receive. Please make sure you provide correct email addresses and phone numbers that we can contact you on between 9-5, so we can process your order as quickly as possible.

I want to pay by credit card but I cannot see any way of entering my details, what can I do?

We do not accept credit card for orders done through our website or fax. We only accept Visa, MasterCard, and Bankcard in store and where the signature holder is present. Currently there is 3% extra for the use of Credit Cards in-store.

Do I need to know anything before I use EFTPOS.

There are only 2 things you need to do.

Make sure of your daily usage limit (Usually between $500 and $1000 depending on your bank). You may need to talk to your bank about changing this. Make sure you are the authorized card user and have the correct PIN handy.

How do I make a direct deposit? With direct deposit, once you have placed an order using the order form or fax and have chosen direct deposit you will receive a quote, either via fax or email. Once you have a quote, you can deposit the full amount into our Commonwealth Bank account. You can either use your online banking to transfer the money or you can go into any Commonwealth bank and deposit the money over the counter. The first six (6) numbers are the BSB and the final eight (8) are the account number.

BANK :-National Australia Bank

ACCOUNT NAME:-Outrite Computers and Gaming

ACCOUNT BSB:- 084-927

ACCOUNT NUMBER:-8587 12826

If you transfer the money via internet banking please put your quote number and surname as the description. If paying at your local bank please make sure the quote number is inserted into their special number field (It may differ from bank to bank) and hold onto your receipt stub and fax or email us a copy with your details and the quote number to ensure quick turnaround of your order. Without this information we may not be able to match your payment to your order.

How does Cash on Delivery order work?

All COD orders are sent though Australia Post and you pick up and pay for it at your local post office. You will get a slip in your regular mail stating that there is a parcel for pick up at the post office and how much the total is. We have a maximum amount of $500 and a minimum of $35. We do not allow multiple orders which add up to over $500 and all outstanding orders over $500 will be treated as Direct Deposit. If you place a second COD order, that order will be held until we have received payment for the first. There is a small COD charge applied by Australia Post above freight and insurance for the use of their COD service; it is approximately $8.

I notice you have a few kits/systems on your website, how do they work?

We have put a few kits together for you to choose from if you wish. We have upgrade kits and full systems. With the upgrade kits they only include the CPU, ram, and motherboard and are designed to be used with components you already have. As for the systems, they come with the items listed on our website. All you need is your own monitor, keyboard, and mouse. For any changes you wish to be made to the systems, the prices for the individual parts from our price list will be used

I cannot see any Laptops for sale on your website. Do you sell laptops?

Yes, we sell Laptop computers from Asus, BENQ and Targa. Our website will have a listing for these laptops soon. If you require further information please feel free contact us. We also have access to other brands and models upon request.

What warranty do you offer on your products?

All items we sell have a 12 month warranty unless stated otherwise on our invoice.

Monitors - Printers - Scanners - Camera and some other manufacturers carry their own manufacturer repair warranty. After 7 days please refer all service to the manufacturer repair center.

Some brands carry their own customer warranty support and there is no need to return faulty goods to us at all, Please read your warranty card for this info. Examples of these brands are SONY, Kingmax, D-LINK and Netgear.

I know exactly what I want, how do I find out the total amount?

If you require a system quote you have one of two options. You can either place the order on our orders page situated on our website or you have the option of adding the individual prices up from our price list which is on our website and add $60 or assembly and $60 or software install if needed. We also have a list of Kits and Systems on our website as well which already have assembly included. Systems being freighted will also include freight costing in the quote.

I placed an order, how do I chase it up?

If you want to find out where we are with your order you can send us an email or ring us up. Please provide the name the order is under, the quote number if applicable, and if it is a COD or Direct Deposit order. In some cases we may ask you for the email address you put down on ordering. Please have these details ready when enquiring, this will help speed things up and we can assist you quicker.

I placed a COD order and heard nothing. When I rang up I got told it was cancelled. Why?

With all orders we receive we ask for phone numbers which we can contact you on, we need this number so we can call if there is a problem with the order placed. We realise most of our customers have a computer which isn�t working so we mainly use the telephone for our first point of contact. After we have tried to contact you a minimum of 4 times via phone and once via email we cancel the order if we cannot contact you. We hope that we don�t have to cancel your order, so please help us out by giving us a phone number we can get you on, or a correct email address.

I want a computer put together by Outrite can I provide my own parts?

For a fee of $60 we can put together a system. We can either use all components from us or a mixture of new and used ones.

I want to make a change to my order, how can I do it?

All changes need to be requested in writing. This can either be via fax or email. Please provide your name, quote number if applicable, and payment option when requesting a change to an order.

There are so many email address who do I email?

For all sales enquiries, such as stock availability, orders and general enquires you can email

For all enquires regarding payments and finalised Direct Deposit orders, please email

For all technical and warranty enquiries please email

For all other enquiries please email

We have separated our email addresses to help you get specific responses by people who can help you. We request that you do not spam our server by sending an email to all addresses. We received all emails and reply to them as soon as we can (we strive to reply to your emails within 24 hours).

Can I pay by cheque? Yes, However we stick to a seven working day clearance without exception. This does not include public holidays or weekends.

I think my component or components are faulty. What do I do?

First thing to do is for you to document the fault as best you can.

Send in or return in person the suspect part(s) with your fault description explained clearly.

Once received we will proceed to test the component for said faults. If found faulty a replacement will be issued within a reasonable amount of time.

We will test as thoroughly as needed and if found not faulty a test report will be given and the following fee will apply.

$25 Single Item and/or basic faults <$500 Item Retail Price.

$60 Hardware assembly with all item purchased from GameDude.

$120 Any System presented with any problem (INCLUDES REBUILDS) or assembly with old/used parts.

Please read our NOTICE on returning goods for further information.

My LCD Panel has a "dead pixel". Is this covered by warranty?

Each panel manufacturer has a different policy on dead pixel warranty. Contact the manufacturer directly and they can give you details on the warranty. Warranties vary depending on the size and manufacturer of the panel.

How do i send back goods?

Goods being returned to us must be packed in a cardboard box and have 1 inch of foam or suitable packaging material to protect product from damage. The box is to be labeled clearly with the sender and reciever information. A fault description must be included in the box with the product