Shipping & Returns

Shipping and Returns.

All shipping is carried out using only Australia Post shipping or Courier Only. All items are shipped with tracking details attached. Email of this is sent within 24hrs of pickup.

What warranty do you offer on your products?

All items we sell have a 12 month warranty unless stated otherwise on our invoice.

Monitors - Printers - Scanners - Camera and some other manufacturers carry their own manufacturer repair warranty. After 7 days please refer all service to the manufacturer repair center.

Some brands carry their own customer warranty support and there is no need to return faulty goods to us at all, Please read your warranty card for this info. Examples of these brands are SONY, Kingmax, D-LINK and Netgear.

I think my component or components are faulty. What do I do?

First thing to do is for you to document the fault as best you can.

Send in or return in person the suspect part(s) with your fault description explained clearly.

Once received we will proceed to test the component for said faults. If found faulty a replacement will be issued within a reasonable amount of time.

We will test as thoroughly as needed and if found not faulty a test report will be given and the following fee will apply.

$25 Single Item and/or basic faults <$500 Item Retail Price.

$60 Hardware assembly with all item purchased from Outrite.

$120 Any System presented with any problem (INCLUDES REBUILDS) or assembly with old/used parts.

Please read our NOTICE on returning goods for further information.

My LCD Panel has a "dead pixel". Is this covered by warranty?

Each panel manufacturer has a different policy on dead pixel warranty. Contact the manufacturer directly and they can give you details on the warranty. Warranties vary depending on the size and manufacturer of the panel.

How do i send back goods?

Goods being returned to us must be packed in a cardboard box and have 1 inch of foam or suitable packaging material to protect product from damage. The box is to be labeled clearly with the sender and reciever information. A fault description must be included in the box with the product with a copy of the origional reciept. No reciept, then no warranty.